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Transform your relationship and change your life 

 Do you want to get out more of your relationship? Are you fighting a lot with your partner? Feeling misunderstood or despair? Do you feel disconnected and lost?  

We believe that the couple enters a negative cycle of fights that brings them into despair, misunderstanding and feeling lost. The problem lies in this negative cycle, where both partners feels their emotional needs are not heard or understood. We will accompany you in changing these patterns, as well as understanding your needs and attachment.

On an individual level, being present in your life means breaking the cycle of automatic thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck and always lead to the same feelings and outcomes.


"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." ~ Viktor E. Frankl


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on being mindful of our emotions and how we make sense of them. Our relationship help us understand our emotions, our needs and attachment. Helping you process what is happening in your relationship and/or your life will involve being mindful of your emotions, which is the first key to your overall wellbeing.

What do we need in our relationships?





Our Services


 Couple Counselling

Couples counselling helps you understand your unmet emotional needs, relationship patterns, and how to forgive each other. It gives you and your partner new ways of understanding each other and communicating in order to find healthier ways to be together.


Counselling is a collaborative effort to help you cope, change your thoughts and find new healthy patterns. Together we can find your inner strengths and develop strategies so that you can build a meaningful life.


Mindfulness Class

Mindfulness means awakening. Through meditation and by training to be present, you will develop the ability to deal with whatever happens in your life and enjoy it more fully.


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