Our Philosophy: Change your Life Mindfully

Path and Mindfulness

Life is about choosing paths in a mindful way. Our philosophy is based on the principle that being mindful of what hold us or get us repeating the same behaviour, it's what prevent us from being fulfilled. So, path of change is a principle of choosing differently in order to be happier in our individual or intimate relationship


We spring from one great tree of life; when the root of the tree is watered with love, we all thrive.

Janet Autherine

What We Need in Life


We all need purpose in life to give us meaning.

We believe that working with you to help you find meaning and work with you on what

you need



We believe that you have to discover your own definition of happiness and realize that even the smallest moments can create happiness. We also believe that just "being" and not doing all the time is part of the process without any methodology. Imagine a moment when you are not thinking about past or future worries, and you are just present with yourself.



As human beings, we all need to be connected one way or the other. Connection is what fosters growth, change and wellbeing. 

We chose connection because it is the root of our humanity; it's what makes us human. Without connection, it is much more difficult to learn, grow and find happiness. 



Authenticity means being true to yourself. It also means fully accepting yourself for who you are and embracing all of your experiences and your soul in order to be aligned with your purpose.