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Couple Counselling

Using an Emotional Focused Couples Therapy approach (EFT), we can identify negative fighting cycles where both partners will realize that they both have unmet needs that they aren't able to express to each other. Using a three step approach, you will be able to understand the patterns that cause you to be stuck and the strengths that keep you together. Then, you will be able to overcome unhealthy relationship patterns and increase your relationship bond. Finally,  you will create new, healthy patterns of communicating and maintain ongoing intimacy.


Using a multicultural and eclectic approach, we will accompany you to identify goals and discover your own solutions to problems that causes emotional turmoil.  Our collaborative counselling work is also about improving communication, coping skills, strengthening self-esteem and promoting behaviour change to lead to optimal mental health. We help clients work through anxiety, depression and relational problems.


Mindfulness Class

Being present and awake to your life is being mindful.

Developing a mindful way to life means that you have the ability to accept things as they come without judgment, and the ability to take a step back. Your thoughts don't define you. A mindful life means that you are consciously present to change your automatic ways of thinking, feelings and actions that aren't working for you anymore.

With our individual or group class, we can teach you mindfulness meditation, mindful walking and strategies to cope with everyday life.


Part of our core principles of happiness is being present in your life and being an active actor in it. As a result, we believe that meditating and being mindful of the present moment allows to have a break and peaceful moment in your life. This is important because it allows you to learn to connect and take care of yourself.  We also offer everyday relaxation techniques and guided meditation.

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