Counselling is a collaborative effort between the counselor and the client. 

The counselor accompany the client identify goals and discover his own solutions to problems that causes emotional turmoil. Counselling is also about improving communication, coping skills, strengthen self-esteem and promote behaviour change and optimal mental health. Focusing on what is happening now and how to change the present by changing old beliefs and self-defeating behaviour in order to enjoy more life



"Coaching is a partnership with client in a thought-provoking and creative process that ispire them to maximize their personal and professional potential" ICF definition

The process entails of gaining awareness and creating actions that will help achieve your goals in life. The coaching process help you be engage in your own change because the coach accompany you your choices



Being present and awake to your life is being mindfull.

developing a mindful way to life means that you have the ability to accept things as they come without judgment and the taking a step back. your thoughts doesn't define you. A mindfull lilfe means that you are consciouscly present to change your automatic ways of thinking, feelings and actions that aren't working for you anymore


Part of our core principles of happiness is being present in your life and being an active actor in it. As a result, we believe that meditating and being mindful of the present moment allows to have a break and peaceful moment in your life. This is important because it allows you to learn to connect and take care of yourself.  We also offer everyday relaxation techniques and guided meditation.


We offer workshops on starting or continuing your mindfulness practice. Also, meditation in group is a great way to deepen your presence with others or simply allowing yourself to have a break. 

Since we are a family tree, we also offer workshop on coparenting.

We believe that workshops are a great way of obtaining relevant informations and a learning process. In addition, the way we organized our workshops is a mix of informations, tools, sharing experiences and experiential learning.